3 Killer Resources to Help You Feel and Look Better

Posted at September 6, 2016 by Ava Wynne on category Health

Everyday I’m in search of resourceful, reliable, and useful websites that offer the latest health news and information on alternative health. One thing I notice that stands out far too often is – there’s a lot of crap and misinformation out there.

Like damn!

If you’re ever online searching for ways to help you be healthier without having to take a shitload of prescriptions or do hours long exercise videos or classes, then I’m sure you’ve seen how much rubbish is online.

However, there are some nuggets of power packed informative websites out there and that would include these three websites I’m about to share with you now.

I turn to these to help me discover ways to live my best life in my own health journey as well as to find out some of the latest science-based information that I can bring to you.

These are chock full of useful and practical information I’m sure you’ll find interesting, eye-opening, inspiring.

  1. http://kriscarr.com/ Kris Carr refers to herself as a cancer “thriver” instead of survivor because not only has she overcome the debilitating disease but has also learned how to thrive and more effectively embrace. She’s a huge advocate of living naturally and offers priceless information on everything from how to control food cravings to how to find the best food for your dog, plus a boatload of creative and healthy recipes to help us all do the same.
  2. http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/ Another excellent website that focuses on natural alternatives to help us feel our best selves. Dr. Gottfried focuses on finding natural ways to balance our hormones which in turn can help us balance out everything else – including weight, mood, and energy, and sleep.
  3. https://draxe.com/ Dr. Axe’s website offers science based information on everything from losing weight, to how to treat migraines with essential oils, to “cellulite slim-down” recipes to improving your immune system, to how to fight diabetes, to essential oils for arthritis. Not to mention a boatload of great recipes.

Okay my lovelies, swing on over to these fun, valuable, and insightful websites. I have no doubt you’ll find them refreshing, valuable, reliable, and insightful –  perhaps even life changing.

Till next time, blessings!

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