Will I Always Be A Zombie?

Posted at October 20, 2015 by Ava Wynne on category Health

I began to wonder if I would always feel like a walking zombie and if other women like me were experiencing similar issues with exhaustion and lack of focus. I’m at the stage of life where my body is starting to change and to slowly go into a new phase, which I thought might have something to do with it. But after talking to some of my friends who are younger than me, and even my nieces who are much younger than me, I began to realize there are so many women going through this battle of fighting fatigue and struggling to have brains that function at optimal levels. Either way, I was going to find out. And so I began my journey to find a solution to deal with my fatigue and lack of energy, and to begin to get my brain clear and eliminate the brain fog and to fight the constant fatigue.

On a scale of one to ten, ten representing feeling energized, enthusiastic, and clear thinking – and one being barely able to get out of bed, barely able to do what needs to be done during the day, not even able to think clearly, what number are you? How can you increase your number? Is there really a solution or must we learn to live in this state for the rest of our lives? I found out we don’t and I’ll share what I learned and am still learning with you in my future posts. Stay tuned to hear about my thyroid emergency and how this emergency not only began to change my life, but also to save it.


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