What to Do if Your Thyroid is Making You Sick

Posted at January 15, 2016 by Ava Wynne on category Health


One of the things people want to know about my quick thyroid surgery story is,”Did the thyroid surgery help you with fatigue and brain fog”? My answer: “Almost immediately”.

Before the surgery not only did I have fatigue and brain fog, but I had only what I can describe as a general malaise. You know when you just don’t feel right? I mean I knew I felt tired all the time and I knew I felt a serious lack of clarity in my thinking, but I also had this general feeling of just not feelin’ right, and I had begun to feel this was simply my lot in life, that this was normal and how people felt. But it wasn’t.

Now listen to me folks. If you’re walking around not feeling well and tired all the time, experiencing brain fog and stressed out, that’s not normal and you don’t have to feel that way.

You can make a choice to feel better and to be happy.

It’s not imprinted in the universe that you have to feel bad all day everyday just cause you do. There is a way up and out, a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be willing to find out what that is for you.

What I’ve done to move myself out of that state may or may not work for you. I’m consistently tweaking the process and I’ve found some things are more effective than others. My goal is to give you information to help you as well as to encourage you to know you can feel better. And to give you ideas on how to make that happen.

To see if your thyroid has symptoms of sickness read this…http://hypothyroidmom.com/10-signs-you-have-a-thyroid-problem-and-10-solutions-for-it/

As I’ve mentioned before start with a check up with your healthcare practitioner. And always always, before taking any of my suggestions, discuss them with your doctor.

Some of us are taking medications, whether it’s for allergy, thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes, or whatever – and it’s important that the supplements I talk about be discussed with your doctor to make sure they don’t interact with your medications. Here is also a way you can check. of course your doctor may have more to say…http://www.webmd.com/interaction-checker/

Alrighty then, now that we’ve got that clear, ( ha ha..get it? clear? see…we’re talkin’ about brain fog and stuff..well..never mind…

Let me tell you how the surgery immediately helped.

It was a successful surgery and I was blessed to have a great team of physicians who are very good at what they do.

I was immediately relieved about that but was told it would probably be a few weeks before I would be able to, “have my voice and speak normally”.  I was released after three days and I really really looked forward to being taken care of by my family. I mean c’mon, I get to get waited on hand and foot for a couple of weeks. Nice, right? Wrong!

I felt waaay better than what I expected and in about two days that became obvious to my family.

Not only that but by the third day I had completely regained my voice (much to the dismay of others), and so they basically told me I had one more day to get waited on and then they needed me to fix the vacuum cleaner. Wth?

So up and at’m I felt and up and at’m I went. I mean it was almost involuntary, I felt that much better. It was hard to stay in bed so I didn’t. I began to resume my normal activities in less than two weeks and even embarked on a new exercise program. As each day passed I felt better and that general sense of malaise remarkably was no more. That still bewilders me to this day, how the thyroid surgery removed the feeling of just not feelin’ right.

Of course thyroid surgery may not be necessary for you (let’s hope not), but the thyroid is considered the “engine” of the body, and we know when our car engine ain’t running right, well hell, neither is the car because it is the car! To learn more about the thyroid and what you can do to help it function better, take a peek at this…https://womenfightingfatigue.com/is-your-thyroid-sick-my-quick-thyroid-surgery-story-and-how-it-changed-my-life/


So get your thyroid checked, and while you’re doing that, discuss taking the supplements I mentioned in the previous posts to fight fatigue and brain fog.

Stay tuned for my how I changed my nutrition to continue to help me to fight fatigue, regain energy, and diminish brain fog. As a footnote, this is not a diet but foods and nutrients I began to add for daily consumption that have helped me to see the light at the end of the foggy tunnel.

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